EDIPUB relies on ICD International for digitalize Attestation de Mandat

Dec 3, 2020 | Digitalization documents

EDIPUB trusts ICD International to provide digitalize with the Attestation de Mandat in the media and communications sector.

In early summer 2020, Edipub launched a call for tenders for digitalize mandate attestations.

We are proud and delighted to have been chosen from among our peers to support all players in the media sector in this major evolution in the age of digitization and digital transformation.

What is MyMandat?

The "attestation de mandat", between the advertiser and its media and/or communications agency, has been a mandatory document since the Sapin law (1993). This document serves as a power of attorney given by the advertiser to its media agency, authorizing the former to act as its intermediary for the management of its advertising space purchases.

"MyMandat" is a shared, multi-media, secure platform for generating and distributing a structured, signed mandate certificate for each advertiser to all stakeholders.

The benefits for everyone are many and include :

  • Automated, secure workflow saves time and energy
  • Reliable invoicing thanks to a controlled & shared repository ( automatique SIRET control)
  • Legal security for MyMandat (Electronic signature and archiving)
  • Automatic reminders
  • Easier integration into information systems (less data entry)
  • Smooth agency/regency relations

To conclude, a few words from Evelyne SOSNOVSKY, EDIPUB Managing Director:

"Following a call for tenders fromEDIPUB member solution providers, the community advertising association chose ICD International to digitalize, structure and secure the 2022 mandate attestations.

The ICD project, called "MyMandat", corresponds to the specifications in terms of functionality and cost.

EdiPub has already entrusted ICD with the creation of a web-based platform, called EdiOnLine, which enables small press players to exchange feeds with media agencies without major technical investment. EDI with media agencies without major technical investment, and is perfectly suited to the needs of these agencies.


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