How does ICD help automotive suppliers improve their synchronous performance with L3PX?

Nov 23, 2020 | Shared procurement managementJust In Sequence

What is L3PS?

Since 2002, ICD International has been deploying the Syflux L3PS(Programmed Logistics Performance for the Synchronous Post) solution, which was developed in partnership with RENAULT and to their specifications.

L3PS is an order sent to suppliers up to 10 days before parts delivery. It enables production in sequence, i.e. in the order in which Renault's assembly line is called up.

In the automotive sector, this mode of delivery is increasingly deployed.

Today, we offer our customers the possibility of using our L3PX solution to take their logistics performance to the next level.

How to use L3PX

ICD International has upgraded its Syflux L3PS application to accommodate this additional L3PX or SPS (Synchronous Forecast Sequenced) flow management mode.

This is because the supplier will also have the manufacturing orders upstream of the synchronous signal. As a result, the synchronous signal is sent when the vehicle enters the assembly line.

The L3PX enables suppliers to optimize their manufacturing using the long film supplied by the L3PS, and to adjust the sequencing using the short synchronous film, taking into account the vehicles de-equipped by Renault.

Each car has its own sequence number containing all the parts that go to make it up, and any options that may have been requested by the customer.

In the Just In Sequencemode, orders have to be delivered in the same order as the vehicles pass through the assembly line, which makes it difficult for the supplier. They have to be rigorous, organized and constantly on the lookout.

This software solution helps suppliers manage their logistics flows. This sequenced production method reduces stocks of finished products by respecting the firm film supplied by Renault, and meets the need to discard parts temporarily out of stock.

This method brings gains for the supplier, who reduces inventory by producing in sequence, and enables Renault to optimize its storage space.

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