Sales strategy: digitalize by structuring the item or product sheet

Nov 26, 2020 | Digitalization documents, EDI

Why digitalize the item or product data sheet?

À l’heure de la numérisation et de la digitalisation, il est plus que nécessaire de dématérialiser l’ensemble des documents commerciaux pour une optimisation et une meilleure intégration des commandes et des factures. La dématérialisation de la fiche article ou fiche produit, en fait partie. La transformation digitale connait plusieurs avantages tels que des gains de temps, des rendement plus élevés, une baisse des litiges, des paiements honorés. En conséquence, cette optimisation ne peut se faire sans données structurées et normées, selon votre secteur d’activité.

Current market conditions

We surveyed over 200 manufacturers for two reasons. Firstly, the aim was to gain a better understanding of their processes, in order to build up a reference list of articles. Secondly, we needed to find a way of distributing it to their customers. The users we interviewed explained that all article data (logistics, marketing, regulatory, pricing, etc.) is available in different applications, software or Excel spreadsheets, which makes it difficult to centralize this data.

However, all players (distributors and manufacturers) are becoming increasingly aware that data is becoming an essential issue, and that it is in their interest to standardize this data.

We also need to be able to meet the requirements of different customers in this area, often to very tight deadlines.

In addition to your in-house resources, service providers can help you gather all the data into a structured, standardized file.

Which solution to choose?

For over 30 years, ICD has been helping manufacturers and distributors to structure their data with a view to digitalize all their commercial, logistical and financial flows.

With this in mind, ICD has developed "MyData4all", a SaaS-based service for digitalize your item files. This platform enables you to integrate all existing data files (logistics, marketing, prices, etc.) in any structured format (flat file, csv, txt, etc.). You can also export your product files in the format required by your customers.

The formats currently available are : Excel, CSV, EDONI, FAB-DIS, structured, proprietary.

The application also has several distribution channels, depending on the capacity of your partners: FTP, SFTP, download,AS2, etc.

" MyData4all: A platform for structuring your product data sheets and distributing them to your partners in the expected format.

  • Multiformat input
  • Multiple output formats
  • Unique, customized mapping for each customer
  • Multi-diffusion
  • Update your item files
  • Checks on all exported fields
  • Standardized, structured item files
  • Creation of an exportable product catalog in several formats

Don't hesitate to Request a demo of the application.

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