How to choose your EDI service provider?

Juin 6, 2019 | EDI

4 questions for choosing your EDI service provider

Choosing your EDI service provider is critical, whether you are a supplier, distributor, or merchant. Working with the right partner can make all the difference and enable you to significantly improve your processes and achieve substantial savings.

Here are four criteria to consider when choosing your

1. Does the EDI provider know your business?

Your EDI service provider must be in a position to understand your business processes and therefore bring you fast and appropriate solutions that match specifics in your sector as well as your business issues.

They must be able to auditanalyze, and understand all the various elements in your business activity.

Your provider’s business experience will guarantee pragmatic and operational solutions throughout all phases of your project and in case of problems.

2. Is your EDI provider an expert in their field?

In addition to possessing in-depth knowledge of the specifics in your business, it is clear that your EDI provider must also fully master EDI technologies and how to integrate them into information systems.

The provider’s certification by standards bodies is one particular sign of quality and seriousness. Also make sure that your provider is an expert in your ERP system as well as the main solutions comprising your company’s information system.

Your EDI solution’s capacity to keep up with your company’s growth and changes over time is an essential factor. Remember to challenge your EDI provider regarding the modularity of the solution they propose, and their long-term assistance.

By leveraging an experienced EDI provider that is involved with many companies across a variety of different sectors is another way to ensure that you benefit from relevant advice and real added value for your operations.

3. What range of services do they offer?

Regardless of your company’s size and goals, or the scope of your EDI project, your EDI provider must not only offer an adapted and efficient solution, but also offer you the assistance services that are indispensable for the proper operation of your EDI system over time.

Make sure your EDI provider can work with you effectively from scoping the project to maintaining the installed system. Look closely at the proposed service commitments to make sure they correspond to your needs and business activity requirements.

4. What customer references does your EDI provider have?

When you plan to invest in an EDI system, you want to make sure that you choose the right resource for your company. You must have easy access to the provider’s professional references.
Don’t hesitate to ask the EDI provider for their customer references and business case studies in order to evaluate the level of their customer service, technical and business expertise, as well as their ability to support you in implementing your project.

Based on these references, you will be able to better understand the provider’s project approach, their ability to audit your needs, deploy your project, and get the most from your EDI system.

By evaluating your future provider’s business expertise, technical skills, and information system knowledge, you can be sure to benefit from custom assistance and qualified input to ensure the success and performance of your EDI project.
The associated service offering is another key criteria for ensuring uninterrupted EDI operation over the long-term.

For over 30 years, ICD International  has provided its customers with EDI solutions that are validated and approved for a wide range of business sectors. ICD International’s solutions have been certified by major standards bodies, namely EDI Optique, Edipub, GALIAGS1, and ODETTE.

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