ICD successfully rolls out the first synchronous supplier using Corail

Fév 3, 2015 | Just In Sequence

Sevelnord is the second factory in the PSA Group to benefit from Corail, a vast program to transform upstream logistics and information systems. The Group’s former information systems will be replaced by this new tool. Corail is based on three main principles :

  • Targeting a global supply chain
  • Contributing to lean deployment
  • Taking new logistics patterns into account, particularly at an international level

Synchronous parts supply consists of making deliveries according to the sequential order of parts passage on the production line. This means that parts are delivered at the last moment, only when they are needed, which reduces inventory and related costs.

A leader in implementing « Just In Sequence » solutions, , ICD adapted its  Syflux  solution to meet PSA Group’s new requirements. Following a three-week phase operating solutions in parallel, Ostrevent became the first synchronous supplier to start with the new solution. Roll-out was a success!

Aurore Guernalec, in charge of Change Management and Partner Relations at PSA Group talks about the launch :

« This launch was a real success, as there was no disruption in parts supply.

This was all made possible thanks to the expertise and responsiveness of ICD. The company really knew how to take our needs into account and respond professionally.

ICD International is a true partner for PSA Group. We established a high-quality relationship throughout the project. »

We are ready for Corail deployment at PSA Group’s other factories and are already working on rolling out the solution at the Trnava site.

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