ICD International submitted its PDP registration file to the DGFIP at the beginning of August

13 Sep 2023 | Digitalization invoices

On August 4, ICD International officially applied for registration as a Digitalization Partner Platform(PDP). This step was a key milestone in our drive to support companies in their invoice Digitalization projects, and to play an active part in the roll-out of mandatory invoice electronic invoicing in France.

This reform radically overhauls company invoicing processes, by requiring invoicing data to transit via a state platform(PPF) operated by theAIFE (Agence pour l'Informatique Financière de l'Etat). This platform offers a minimum package for the transmission ofe-invoicing ande-reporting data to the tax authorities and for regulatory controls.

PDP: state-approved status

To facilitate the deployment of the reform in companies, and to respond to the many different scenarios, Digitalization operators and PDPs have been integrated into the system designed by the French government. They play an essential role in the transmission of electronic invoices.

The specific role of PDPs revolves around 3 main areas:

  • Send, transmit and receive electronic invoice from supplier to customer while guaranteeing data integrity, authenticity and completeness.
  • Extract and transmit data required by tax authorities
  • Transmit payment data for all transactions

As the only platform authorized to carry out all the actions provided for in the reform, PDPs are subject to a registration procedure by the authorities.

It is issued on examination of an application file to validate that the operator meets the regulatory requirements set by the State (ISO 27001 certification, data security, etc.) and is capable of delivering all the services expected of a PDP. This registration is valid for 3 years, and is renewable if the conditions are still met.

A crucial step, but not the end.

Submitting our PDP registration file is obviously an important step for the company. In particular, it is the consequence of :

  • 30 years' experience in Digitalization and automation business processes,
  • ongoing involvement with the DGFIP,AIFE and FNFE to support the deployment of the reform and its system,
  • the definition and design of a Digitalization invoicing platform adapted to companies' needs and regulatory requirements
  • and ISO 27001 certification last July.

This is more than just an administrative formality. It is tangible proof of our determination to be a key player in the modernization of business practices in France, bringing tangible benefits to our partners and our economy. It is also a commitment on our part to respect the highest standards of security and confidentiality in data processing, and to provide a sustainable solution that is both operational and compliant with legislation.

We're not resting on our laurels. Companies and their business teams still have high expectations in terms of optimizing their day-to-day practices andautomation their business processes. Many players are not yet ready to adopt electronic invoice and the postponement of the reform announced at the end of July is an excellent opportunity for them to catch up, or even go beyond mere compliance.

About the → report

While we await validation of our platform's registration, announced for the end of the year, we remain mobilized to support and advise our customers, prepare pilot phases with some of them, and continue to enhance the functionality of the Dématrust platform.

To be continued.

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