Commercial documents digitalization

Grow your business faster

Conclude commercial contracts in just a few clicks

Send, approve and archive all your commercial contracts, preserving their legal value.

Develop a competitive edge by offering your customers greater responsiveness and more rigor. Work with complete, secure customer files.

A SaaS platform for Digitalization your customer files

Accelerate contractualization with your customers 

Offer an easy, efficient customer experience for setting up customer files and signing commercial contracts:
- Electronic signature
- online submission of supporting documents
- automatic reminders
- renewal notification...

Digitalization Commercial contracts
Digitalization Commercial contracts

Simplify the document management process

Manage your contracts more efficiently by deploying automated workflows for each stage in the life of the contract:
- internal approvals
- status management
- monitoring of expiry and renewal dates
- integration with your IS (ERP, CRM, EDM, etc.)

Archive and secure your contracts 

Ensure the legal value, authenticity and integrity of your documents and make them secure:
- Electronic signature with strong authentication
- highly secure archiving with probative value in an electronic safe
- time stamping and digital signature

Digitalization Commercial contracts

They have chosen ICD International to digitalize their commercial contracts.

Simplify the management of your payment slips with the Digitalization

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