Digitalization pay slips

Free yourself from operational tasks

Distribute pay slips with a click

Deposit pay slips generated by your payroll software in just a few minutes in your employees' digital safes. Efficient, cost-effective and secure, managing your payslips has never been easier.

Digital safes for all your employees

Simplify the distribution of your pay slips

All you have to do is upload the PDF file generated by your payroll management solution, and the rest is handled by our solution:
- automatique reconciliation of the right pay slip to the right employee.
- secure deposit of the pay slip in individual digital safes
- email notification of employees

Product screen of Digitalization pay slips

Secure payroll management

The solution complies with current legal requirements and ensures the security and confidentiality of data and documents.
- secure SFTP transmission on our servers
- data stored in safes
- 24/7 consultation with login / password
- archiving of payslips for 50 years

Save time, cut costs

Reduce the time spent by HR teams editing, distributing or producing duplicates. Eliminate printing and postage costs.

Product screen of Digitalization pay slips

They have chosen ICD International to digitalize their payslips

Case study

How did Talendi and ICD International made Syflux accessible to disabled users?

Cas Client Talendi

Simplify the management of your payment slips with the Digitalization

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