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White paper

invoice compulsory electronics 2024: what you need to know to prepare?

From July 2024, electronic invoice will become mandatory, bringing with it significant changes that companies need to prepare for now.

White paper is your guide to this reform.

White paper

Digitalization exchanges and Edoni repository

To promote EDI and standardized exchanges, Edoni presents this White paper with a focus on Digitalization .

Visit White paper for an overview of Edoni's approach to trade and standardization.

White paper

Summary of AIFE's external specifications for the implementation of the generalization of electronic invoice

From 2024, companies will have to adopt the new standards introduced by the AIFE.

Here's an overview of what needs to be done to prepare for this reform, and what you need to remember.

White paper

Electronic invoicing: best practice guide

Electronic invoicing has enabled many companies to make major structural changes.

Discover this e-invoicing best practice guide for GS1 France and GALIA members.

White paper

An overview of invoice

In France, in 2019, more than 80% of invoices were still exchanged in paper format!

White paper provides a global overview of the invoice electronic marketplace.

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