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invoice compulsory electronics in Romania: how can you comply?

For several years now, Romania has been preparing for a significant transformation in the invoicing field, with the introduction of invoice electronic invoicing mandatory for B2B transactions from January 1, 2024.

We invite you to visit Webinar for a complete review of the scope of the reform and the measures you need to take to bring your organization into compliance.

This webinar is also available in english.


    How can you achieve a rapid return on investment through effective supplier management?

    Faced with the need to improve operational efficiency and respond to growing economic constraints, purchasing and sales departments are committed to optimizing their supplier management processes.

    Find out how to make significant savings, improve supplier relations and effectively manage the risk of fraud on occasion in this Webinar dedicated to optimizing supplier management.


      Compulsory electronic invoice is on the way: how can you prepare for it?

      In collaboration with Cyrille Sautereau, President of FNFE-MPE, Webinar will help you prepare for the reform. You will discover :

      • a complete review of the reform
      • ICD's solution to these challenges
      • tips for a successful transition

      Controlling the data in your product repository: what's at stake?

      Hosted by arounData consulting, discover through concrete examples :

      • the challenges of good product repository data management
      • how to implement a Master Data Management solution?

      EDI at the heart of the 2024 electronic invoice reform

      Discover this video talk on the stakes of EDI in the 2020 finance law reform on the generalization of electronic invoice in France by 2024, produced alongside Stratow, publisher and operator of Fast-Software-As-A-Service services.


      Electronic invoice becomes mandatory

      From 2024, French companies will gradually have to switch to invoice .

      Visit Webinar to find out more about the details and timetable of the reform, as well as the associated changes to the invoice processing process.


      Generalization of electronic invoice for all companies

      By 2023, all French companies will have to Digitalization their electronic invoices. This regulation stemming from the 2020 Finance Law will involve changes within companies.

      Find out more about ICD's solutions at Webinar.


      Did you say Reliable Audit Trail?

      Your organization is already covered by the Reliable Audit Trail even before starting a Digitalization project on invoice paper.

      ICD International in partnership with GrandCarré, explains what a reliable audit trail is and how to implement it.


      International overview of invoice electronics

      The boom in electronic invoice in France, Europe and internationally is a reality. Regulations are constantly evolving, and the maturity of legislation varies from country to country, even though European directives aim to normalize and standardize requirements.


      Digitization of paper supplier invoices and reliable copies

      Scanning paper invoices sent by your suppliers is often the first step in a Digitalization project.

      Did you know that in France it is allowed to keep only an electronic copy of the invoice and to get rid of the invoice paper copy?


      Artificial intelligence applied to Supply Chain

      The emergence of Artificial Intelligence offers very interesting prospects and opportunities for supply chain at a time when performance, visibility and cost control are key issues for companies.

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